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DivyaSamvaad (दिव्य संवाद)

The science of awakening divine emotions (दिव्य भावनाहरू जागृत गर्ने विज्ञान) - Identify your core emotions, eliminate destructive emotions such as anger, greed, and jealousy and mobilize the correct emotional energies to achieve your goals and objectives.

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Swasamvaad (स्वसंवाद)

Designed for modern people living busy lives who want to build a conscious mind and a radiant consciousness through various practices including meditation.

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Samriddhi Samvaad

Samriddhi Samvaad is designed to benefit various categories of professionals, employees, businessmen/women, college and university students, teachers, and social service volunteers.

Chakra Vigyan [Virginia, USA]

Activates and balances the seven vital centers (chakras) in our subtle body to help Kundalini awakening and provide freedom from many seen and unseen physical and non-physical ailments.

Dhyan Sadhana [California]

Dhyan involves concentration and meditation on a point of focus with the intention of knowing the truth about it.