About Jeevan Vigyan USA

  • Jeevan Vigyan USA, 2nd Headquarter: An Overview

    Jeevan Vigyan USA 2nd HQ is an educational institution founded at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic with the mission of providing individuals with hands-on training in the art of yoga and meditation to help alleviate mental and physical health issues caused by the pandemic. Our organization has implemented numerous health and wellness programs to teach participants the inner science of human physiology, mental health management, and knowledge of human consciousness.

  • Our Mission

    Our organization's mission is to provide practical yoga and meditation education with an emphasis on the inner science of human physiology, mental state management, and the interconnection of sense organs, thoughts, and human consciousness. Our goal with these teachings is to give people opportunities to observe happiness, peace, and prosperity within themselves and to reflect on positive feelings and expressions in their daily lives. Furthermore, our mission is to translate these teachings into a structured curriculum in multiple languages to accommodate people who speak different languages.

  • Our History

    Jeevan Vigyan USA 2nd HQ was established as an educational institution under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code in September 2020. Our organization's main goal has been to educate people about the benefits of yoga and meditation using ancient eastern philosophy. Furthermore, our mission is to extend the teachings and practices of the Jeevan Vigyan Foundation, Nepal, around the world with the assistance of talented and experienced teachers and instructors.

    Jeevan Vigyan USA was inaugurated on November 26, 2020 by the Founders of Jeevan Vigyan Foundation, Nepal Revered Guruvars - Ramesh Nepal and L. P. Bhanu Sharma in a special program. The working office of Jeevan Vigyan USA is located in Northern Virginia. Jeevan Vigyan 2nd HQ has completed various programs in different states including SwaSamvaad (The way of Conversation with oneself) and Divya-Samvaad (The way of conversation with the divine power) virtually.

  • Serving Community

    Our organization serves the underrepresented Nepali community in the Prince William County area. The Nepali community is diverse, but it only accounts for about 0.18% of the Prince William County population. We want to give this underserved population a place to learn and practice yoga and meditation techniques in order to reduce their overall health risk, especially since the pandemic has resulted in a higher-than-average proportion of adults reporting mental health symptoms (56%).

  • Our Vision

    Jeevan Vigyan USA 2nd HQ was founded as a way to connect people, albeit virtually, in order to provide a recurring program focusing on the scientific benefits of yoga and meditation, as well as practical exercises to help mitigate the pandemic's mental health effects.

    When we first started this program, our primary focus was on the Nepali community, as our organization's teachings were intended to supplement the current teachings of the Jeevan Vigyan Foundation, Nepal. Within the first month, we were pleasantly surprised by the sheer number of ecstatic participants.

    However, our organization recognizes that there is a continuing need to expand these health and wellness programs beyond the Nepali community. We recognize this need and have been working to develop a curriculum in languages other than English and Nepali. Once these curriculums are completed, we hope to work on spreading the word about the benefits of these programs to communities other than the Nepali community.

    Furthermore, we are aware that when we first launched this program, it was entirely virtual, which eliminated the possibility for many people without access to technology to participate. Today, with the number of daily cases gradually decreasing, we believe there is an opportunity for Jeevan Vigyan USA 2nd HQ to create in-person health and wellness programs in addition to our virtual programs, allowing more people in the community to participate.

    Additionally, rather than focusing solely on organizing an in-person event in a single location that may not be accessible to all, we are looking into various underserved areas with willing participants to work towards developing programs there. That way we would be able to make our health and wellness program available to people of all socioeconomic backgrounds, which would ultimately pave the way for a larger and longer-lasting impact.

  • Our Flagship Courses

    • SwaSamvaad: Communicating with our own inner Self
      Designed for modern people living busy lives who want to build a conscious mind and a radiant consciousness, this program helps you achieve personal, spiritual, and professional heights through various practices including meditation. Integrating discoveries in spirituality, modern psychology and leadership sciences, the program provides participants with a clear roadmap for happiness, peace, and prosperity.

    • Divya Samvaad: The science of awakening divine emotions
      Our greatest capital is the power of emotions lying within us which, when awakened, brings us unprecedented physical and spiritual progress. This transformational program helps you identify your core emotions, get rid of destructive emotions such as anger, greed, and jealousy, and mobilize the right emotional energies to achieve your goals and objectives. As a result of this unprecedented program, you will be able to make your life successful and comfortable, to learn the art of meditation and devotion, and to experience true divine bliss. SwoSamvaad graduates are eligible to participate in this program.

    • Samriddhi Samvaad
      Uncover the mystery behind creating and celebrating abundance. Learn how to integrate the essence of management, psychology, and spirituality to generate wealth and abundance in life.