Jeevan Vigyan(Science Of Living)

Nearly twelve years ago, Jeevan Vigyan Foundation, Nepal was established as a nonprofit organization for providing free science-based information on life skills that promote happiness, empowering and focused on human concepts. A good part of humanity knows or feels there's something non-physical, something bigger than just humans. It can go by many names and many ideas.

Spiritual philosophy is the spiritually awakened human being. Someone whose wisdom has traveled into the world of inner self. Within themselves, they have accessed a spiritual dimension.

To achieve this, the leadership of both Reserved Guruvars –Ramesh Nepal and L.P. Bhanu Sharma, and 100's of volunteer experts specializing in many fields, as well as health coaches, researchers, staff, have dedicated tens of thousands of hours to the Pursuit of Happiness Jeevan Vigyan project.

Following the same philosophy of “Jeevan Vigyan Foundation, Nepal" and demands by time, the "Jeevan Vigyan USA" was established in the USA to pursuit of happiness. Jeevan Vigyan USA functions as the second HQ and the main branch of Jeevan Vigyan Foundation, Nepal to cover Jeevan Vigyan programs in the USA and aboard.

Jeeven Vigyan USA has planned to carry forward its mission in many ways like - linking the website through social media; taking one of the courses and learning on how to teach about critical life skills and preventative health; delivering specialized Yoga, Prayanama, Dhyan (Meditation) and physical and mental health promotion programs through professional Yoga Master, Meditation Master, Psychology, Psychiatry, and Counseling Educator; exploring spiritual philosophy of love and wisdom as additional ingredients to the human being with spiritual enlightenment.

One of the major priorities is to explore Jeevan Vigyan programs through its website and social medias and have people benefited globally.