Chakra Vigyan [Virginia, USA]

Thought is the root of the creation of the material world. Every plan and its implementation happen based on our thought. If we can train our minds to think positively, we get a positive outcome. If you use your mind to think negatively, the result appears negative.

Where do the thoughts come from? The answer is easy: right from our minds. Where is the mind? We tend to think that the mind is inside our heads. But the mind is not that narrow particle we call the brain; the brain is just a minuscule part of our being. Our mind is far more significant than our physical body. Mind is a vacuum like an open sky, where the thoughts come in different shapes, sizes, and colors like clouds, thousands of times in a day.

There are different energy centers in our physical body. The ancient spiritual science calls them ‘Chakras’ or ‘wheels of energy'. These seven major energy centers are the source of happiness, good health, experience of prosperity, energy, attractiveness, and progress in human life. These chakras have two major roles: first, create our reality from the thoughts we think, and second provide a pathway to connect with the cosmic source or the supreme being or God.  Activating the chakras by practicing the science under the direct supervision of the Sadguru or the Spiritual Master is the direct way of heath, happiness, material progress, and spiritual oneness.

Only the Experienced masters or the Sadgurus can point out that during the chakra sadhana. Reading a book or article about chakra is like reading the swimming course. We should learn and practice to awaken the Chakras. The whole study or practice in daily life about the finding, awakening and the reaping benefits after activating chakra is called Chakra Vigyan.

Jeevan Vigyan has been conducting the chakra sadhana course effectively in practical method for over a decade now under the direct guidance of Revered Sadgurus L P Bhanu Sharma and Ramesh Nepal.

Jeevan Vigyan America is organizing the chakra sadhana course in America for the first time outside Nepal. Our two beloved, revered Sadgurus L P Bhanu Sharma and Ramesh Nepal will personally and physically conduct the Chakra Vigyan. We encourage all the participants of SwaSamvaad, Divya Samvaad, and Samriddhi Samvaad or in Jeevan Yog Prayogshala to join this transformational week-long Chakra Vigyan course in your convenient venue in the USA. This program is open to new entrants also. You can also share this notice and encourage your loving friends and family members to join the program. It means, it is open to all to join and take part in chakra sadhana.


The course has been scheduled as follows:

Manassas, Virginia: July 18 - 24, 2022


*Any type of donations made to the organization are non-refundable!!