Swasamvaad (स्वसंवाद)

Nine Days Long Swasamvaad Program: Prior Information for Participation

Only by building a transparent, goal-oriented and conscious mind can significant achievements be attained both in spiritual and material realms. Only when we can keep our minds free from negativity, resistance, contradictions and distractions will we be able to awaken our talents and build life that aligns with our dreams.

Research shows that in general about 60,000 thoughts come and go in our minds in 24 hours period. These thoughts tend to distract our minds and emotions often pushing us in the opposite direction. Uncontrolled thoughts not only drive us into psychological problems but also become reasons that cause stress, fatigue, illness, failure, and negativity in our life.

Swasamvaad is an appropriately designed program taught mostly online via Zoom by Jeevan Vigyan. It is a beneficial spiritual training program designed to help people living busy lives in modern days. The program provides participants with a clear roadmap for knowledge needed for happiness and joy despite hectic day-to-day activities. For those who want to build a conscious mind or want to explore about enlightened consciousness this is the right program to attend. The program focusses on teaching you how to achieve personal, spiritual, and professional heights through various practices such as Yog Sadhana that includes meditation.

Swasamvaad is taught 90 minutes daily for nine days in a row in an interactive and experimental style. The course includes specific types of meditation exercises. After attending nine days sessions, a practice video and necessary materials will be provided for the participants to learn the steps and techniques needed for keeping up with their good spirit, health, happiness and peace.

The program will be presented by life development expert and spiritual masters Ramesh Nepal Gurudev and LP Bhanu Sharma Gurudev via Zoom. Zoom login details will be sent upon submission of below registration form.

स्वसंवादकाे बारेमा थप जानकारीका लागि तलकाे भिडियाे लिङ्क मा जानुहाेस् ।

स्वसंवाद कला


Date: January 15 - 23, 2023                       Organizer: Jeevan Vigyan         
Supporter: Yog Prayogshala, Kentucky/North Carolina Jeevan Yog Prayogshala.