Samriddhi Samvaad

What is Samriddhi Samvaad? 

Samriddhi Samvaad (Prosperity through Spirituality) is a program developed by Jeevan Vigyan Foundation that can transform your life to new heights of prosperity. 

How can this program Benefit you? 

 This practical and step by step program will help you in the following   aspects: 

Spiritual teacher and life coach Ramesh Nepal and L.P. Bhanu Sharma will teach this course. Combinations of spiritual techniques and modern scientific laws like Sanatan Asthalaxmi ScienceLaw of Attraction Goal Mapping will be used to help you develop a roadmap for a fulfilling, meaningful, and prosperous life.

To the entire universe is full of abundance and plenty. Human beings have unlimited potential within themselves that can be harnessed to unleash the true power to create a meaningful joyful, joyful and prosperous life.

Who is this Program for?

Samriddhi Samvaad is designed to benefit various categories of professionals, employees, businessmen/women, college and university students, teachers, and social service volunteers.


Date: June 13 - 21, 2022 Organizer: Jeevan Vigyan USA


  • 9 PM (EST)
  • 8 PM (CST)
  • 6 PM (PST)

Contact Person:

  • Bijaya Subedi: 510-501-5409
  • Parashu Timalsina: 703-302-0338
  • Manish Pokharel: 703-309-0858


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